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We had initially booked a bungalow based on the pictures they had uploaded on the booking site. But when we visited the said location, it was a total mess. We had to cancel the booking and we didn't even get our refund! And then contacted Yoho Bed in the need of the hour. Within half an hour, we managed to find an incredible place to accommodate twenty people. Thanks to Yoho Bed's rapid Customer Service. One could simply trust their properties displayed on the website. Highly recommend Yoho Bed to anyone who'd want to avoid any disappointments.
Ikram Naguib

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A bit about Kandy

Have you heard the story of an enchanted traveller who once set foot upon an island of emeralds and discovered a treasure too beautiful for words? Of course, you haven’t. Because the story hasn’t been written yet. Because that traveller is going to be you. And it all begins at Yohobed, the best hotels in Kandy for an unforgettable Sri Lankan experience. When you are in Kandy, the very heart and soul of the mesmerising island nation, time seems to come to a standstill. It is easy to get lost amidst the fresh mountain air, the fragrant tea plantations and the fairy-tale Bogambara Lake. Which is why we have the most comprehensive network of premium Kandy hotels for you to find solace before you go off on your flights of fancy. With Yohobed, you can discover the most breath-taking Kandy accommodation tailor-made to your budget. Whether it is a cosy home-stay or a welcoming guesthouse for couples; a lovely cottage amidst the plantations or a splendid bungalow for a family; a luxurious villa or a range of cabanas for your party-loving gang; or a simple apartment for the solo-traveller, we have an eclectic range of properties and rooms in Kandy for everyone to savour. Spread in every nook and corner of the city, all the Yohobed hotels in Kandy town have a little surprise to make your stay extra comfortable: we call it the Yoho Promise. Every room in our Kandy hotels list is equipped with AC, free Wi-Fi, TV, spotless linen, and of course, clean washrooms. Our Sri Lankan hospitality even extends to a delicious free breakfast made with the delectable flavours of our culture. Amazing, right? Moreover, shall you feel the need to disconnect from city life, and retreat to the lush green hills surrounding Kandy, then don’t worry – you can discover Yohobed properties up to 10 km from the city centre. Starting at LKR 4437 a night, Yohobed’s cheap hotels in Kandy offer much more than simply an affordable stay. They ensure that your comfort is not compromised and that your Kandy city stay remains etched in your memory forever. So, what do you say, dreaming traveller? Come, discover the treasure trove that is Sri Lanka with Yohobed.

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