2017: the Year of Travel

December 29, 2016
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Have you ever wondered how people travelled as much throughout the year? Have you ever stopped to think how they might afford to do so and wonder what they might do for a living? While there are exceptional trust funds and family to the rule, a majority of those who travel as much as they do are those who plan and have identified their spending priorities, days off and yes, saved.

Like in most good and big things in life, one of the first things you would need to do is set a few goals. Identify your travel priorities and the places you want to travel to the most. List them down in random order and then start breaking it down to travel time required, budget, possible accommodation, food and activities. Once this is complete, you will be able to put into (the many long weekends awaiting us in 2017) place the dates and other logistics of when you would want to travel.

If in case however you were wondering where you should go this coming year, we took the liberty of putting together a list of destinations in Sri Lanka that you ought to travel to.

East Coast

Ever since the end of war, the Eastern coast of the country has been able to showcase once again its tranquil waters, golden beaches and picturesque sunrise. The best part about the coast (besides the food) is its ability to cater to all types of travellers, irrespective of the budget they have set out to travel with.


Ella has had a slow rise to popularity over the past few years for a number of reasons. Given its excellent location and not having not been located in more populated areas of the hill capital, Ella is favoured by those who seek a bit more privacy and quiet time during the holidays. Interestingly, Ella has also become an attraction for raves and parties.

Deep South

We’ve all been to Unawatuna and Hikkaduwa so often that it is quite possible to know your way around the area much better than you would know navigating around Fort. Deep South Sri Lanka is essentially the district of Hambantota and includes cities: Tissamaharama, Hambantota, Kataragama, Kirinda, Tangalle and Angulmaduwa. Each city brings with it a different purpose and significance and is definitely an area worth travelling to and exploring in 2017.


Jaffna comes with sun, sand and seafood and this means that there is absolutely no excuses whatsoever for you not to travel to the province. Tourism in Jaffna is picking up slowly but surely and the rapid developments seen in infrastructure since 2009 has definitely helped ensure ease of access when getting there. Jaffna is not like any other city in Sri Lanka. There is a deep rooted sense of culture and hospitality among its people and this resonates in how they would welcome you as well. It’s definitely an advantage if you would speak the language, however if that weren’t the case, you will definitely be able to find someone willing to help you out.


Beach Road in Negombo is now what Devala Road in Unawatuna was when it first became a hit. The city is also very accommodating towards all types of travellers, visitors and locals from the area. With plenty of accommodation options, including bed and breakfasts to five-star hotels, Negombo will definitely not fail to leave you entertained and satiated.

Where do you plan to travel in 2017?