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Are You Ready for Solo Travel? 0 4

Have you always wanted to explore ruins by biking around Ella alone? Or walk down Weligama beach while your phone sits in a quiet corner capturing a timelapse video of the sunset? Or wake up in boutique villa in the hill country and have your breakfast and some Ceylon Tea brought right to your bedroom? If you are about the solo travel life, this is a read tailor made for you.

We believe that holidays should be for everyone. The families. The couples. The groups of boys. The groups of girls. Or just you. If you are new to the world of solo travel don’t be afraid. It might seem intimidating at first and there will be a lot apprehension from those around you, but if you are determined to travel on your own, here are a few things that might help you with the journey.

Do ample research before you travel. This includes research on the city you are travelling to, places you’ll be staying and general safety of tourists in the city you are travelling to. This is when “extra reading” becomes key. If you do not plan on obtaining a mobile connection keep in mind that you might not have WiFi is all places. Google Trips, is also an app you ought to checkout as it helps offline navigation and information, provided you having saved it beforehand.

Reach out to Fellow Solo Travellers

Your second research would be to speak to other solo travellers who have been doing what they’ve been doing for a while. They would be the best version of Google you can speak to when it comes to going out there by yourself and would be sure not to sugar coat things for you. Other solo travellers would also be able to give you a good analysis on if you are indeed cut out for the task.

Have Information Readily Available (for everyone)

Trust us, no one wants a live rendition of 127 Hours. Tell those closest to you where you are going to, for how long and a general itinerary of your travels. You don’t have to necessarily check in on them every day, but once in a way wouldn’t hurt to ease hearts at home telling them you are safe.

Similarly, be sure that you readily have access to phone numbers, emergency numbers and other contact numbers of your accommodation, friend(s) living there — if at all — and other numbers you think would be important. This should not only be on your phone but also on the back of a notebook or something because you have a better chance of misplacing a phone as opposed to a notebook?

Safe travels and don’t forget to make friends with fellow solo travellers!


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