Christmas Gift Guide for Sri Lankan Travellers

December 22, 2016
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Christmas? Traveller? Here’s your gift list. Keep in mind that this list has been carefully curated taking into consideration options available locally (because let’s face it, unless you pay for expedited shipping, there is no possibility that you would be getting your shopping list delivered in time for Christmas).


An obvious yet expensive choice of gift, but luggage goes (and stays) a long way (or time). Frequent flyers will truly appreciate luggage as thoughtful gifts, especially if these lean towards the carry-on travel sized ones.

Where to go: From PG Martins, to Odel, to Samsonite, Sri Lanka has quite a few options available for luggage shopping


Travellers come in all forms and walks of life. Among those many are those who believe in old school documentation and note taking. So why not a tumblr-esq, Pinterest-worthy or solid journal to document thoughts, notes and inspiration while travelling?

Where to go: Chapters Bookstore, Odel Books, Premium Stationers, Keep It Simple (online store), (online store), Arty Crafts (online store)

Travel Gear

Is you are secret Santa to a recipient who loves the outdoors, camping and anything adventurous? Well then, get them something that would help their outdoor travel adventures including GPS navigation or some waterproof boots.

Where to go: Adventure Seals, Odel, The Great Outdoors (located in Liberty Plaza)

Become a Personal Planner

Time is a gift that not a lot of us are entitled to. And planning a trip is a task that is sure to take quite some time. Hence, one of the best things you can do for a loved one travelling abroad is to in fact plan their trip for them. This is a virtually free gift because the only cost involved would be your time! Planning could include from booking tickets, to hotel rooms, tours, transport and the other little details including a list of items that need to be taken for the trip. To become more creative, you can “gift” your “time” in a custom designed voucher as well.

Gift a Trip

Think of becoming a personal planner and adding to the gift the cost of the trip itself. Of course, this could be a costly option however, you could try booking for tickets or / and hotels off season or in advance. If you want to do something truly special however, do speak to your travel agent to workaround the best option.

App Subscriptions

It might seem like something less important, however gifting a subscription to a travel app that would make life easy and convenient while they would be travelling and if the recipient

Something Familiar, Something Sentimental

Some of us like to keep with us something from home or something familiar when we travel. This could be a favourite scarf or neck pillow or something similar that has travelled with them for many trips. Perhaps if your recipient already has an item of this nature, you could consider an upgrade and if they don’t, it’s maybe time you gift them something on these lines.


If someone you know is travelling to a new destination or some place they haven’t been to before this coming year, travel guides or phrase books are great gifts. Similarly if there is a place they have been wanting to go to for a while but haven’t gotten around to as at yet, the travel book might serve as an inspiration for them to travel to the destination.

If you don’t want to get them a travel-related book, you could probably look into getting them something they would read while on holiday.

An eBook might also be a good idea as it would be mobile and luggage-friendly.

Anything Portable and Travel-Sized

This might be a little more harder to come by, but if you know where to look (including those little nooks and corners in Pettah) you would be able to find an all-in-adapter or travel-sized toiletries that can be easily fitted to a carry on bag.


An expensive gift, but something that would last a while, if used carefully. A camera is an essential tool for those who travel for leisure because there is only so much that you can do with a phone camera! Given that it is a bit of an investment piece, a good idea would be to actually tell the recipient of the gift beforehand and together buy something they would use and enjoy.

A Curated Playlist

Travel takes time. Music is one way you can kill time while travelling. Why not download or buy songs and curate a playlist that you know someone in your life would love. You could either upload it to platforms like 8tracks or Spotify or get old school and mixtape it for them.

Open-when Letters

If someone close to your heart is going to be on travel for a long time, particularly during Christmas time or soon after, gift them a few letters that are to be opened at different intervals of their journey. These can include “open-when you reach (destination)”, “open-when you miss home” or “open-when you miss having kiribath on Sunday morning”.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!