Do you need a Trip or a Vacation?

February 24, 2017
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The next time someone tells you that they are off travelling, there is a question you could ask to ensure that you wouldn’t get too jealous. Their travel might be a “trip” and not really the “vacation” you had in mind. And yes, there is a fundamental difference between the two words, “trip” and “vacation”.

A “trip” is essentially a journey or excursion. Trips are usually planned and comes with an itinerary where as a “vacation” is defined as a holiday and would most likely not include a daily agenda.

If you are looking for a travel getaway here are a few questions that would help you figure out if it’s a trip or a vacation you are in need of.

If you are constantly tired,

You probably need a vacation. Vacations are to rejuvenate and help catch up on sleep and get rid of those bags under your eyes. The destination doesn’t have to be something new, if it’s not in your budget even a place you’ve been to before that has exceptional standards of hospitality would even make the cut. If you are among the lucky few with no budget restrictions, the word you might looking for would be “exotic”.

If you are in need of a slight change to your life,

You probably should go on a trip. Going on a trip with an itinerary in place would help you bring in a bit of that change and excitement you are looking for. It would force you to remove yourself from the everyday mundane and do something new.

If you want to bond with a group of unknown people,

A trip would work best! Trips are great for team building as it actually forces you to (in a good way) work with those you may have not worked before, especially if there are activities involved.

If you want to spend quality time with loved ones,

Go on a vacation. While there is nothing wrong with going on a trip with your loved ones, if you need to catch up on time lost the past months, a vacation might help with this.

If you want to get away from routine,

Either a trip or a vacation would help you get a momentary break from the routine. A trip might force you to work to a new routine during your excursion or a vacation would help you out your regular routine on pause all together.

Whichever you opt for, be sure that you plan (it doesn’t have to be an extensive one) before heading out! We have a quick guide for you here and a downloadable checklist for you below.