Do’s and Don’t of Vacation Rentals in Sri Lanka 0 22

Do’s and Don’t of Vacation Rentals in Sri Lanka 0 23

With its excellent weather throughout the year, safe and glorious beaches, a wealth of beautiful attractions and a myriad of things to do, Sri Lanka is one of Asia’s best holiday destinations and as part and package of a holiday, vacation rentals play a huge role and we’re not exaggerating it when we say that vacation rentals could either make or break your holiday. If you’ve never had a vacation rental experience, you’ll come to know that it comes with a lot of perks together with a fair share of challenges.

However, we don’t mean to put you off here – Sri Lanka is dotted with a great selection of vacation rentals to suit any budget. From high-end plush boutique villas to modest bungalows, there are too many options to choose from actually. In this post, we have compiled a list of do’s and don’t for vacationers before renting out a holiday home because after all, we’re all about making your holiday all the more special.


DO: Spend as much time as required on researching for the perfectly sized vacation rental for you because hey, it’s not always that you get to pack off and holiday so might as well invest some time to ensure that you snag the best deal.

DON’T: Assume that vacation rentals are only for large families or groups. In fact, there are plenty of rental options that are ideal even for the solo explorer!


DO: Use filters to narrow the search around your vacation rental requirements according to location, budget and preferences. If you want your task simplified, simply visit our page to browse through our accommodation options and get booking!

DON’T: Get overwhelmed with the accommodation searching process. Yes – there are so many great options out there and it could be tiring but you deserve the best.


DO: Indulge in your holiday villa or rental but take some time out to visit your surroundings and get exploring.

DON’T: Spend your entire vacation in your rental (no matter how awesome it is).


DO: Respect all the items that your rental comes with

DON’T: Mistreat the home items in the rental in any way. (You wouldn’t want to leave behind a bad mark, would you?)


DO: Plan well ahead by checking what your rental includes (and what it doesn’t!).

DON’T: Show up unprepared for your vacation or overlook the rental terms and agreements.


DO: Before you book the rental, read through reviews and the owner’s responses. A good owner will always respond very respectfully to reviews and address the real issues.

DON’T: Disregard previous reviews because no one would spend five minutes of their time randomly posting a review, would they? If the have taken the time to post a review, it could mean either of the two – the rental is amazing or it’s the exact opposite. If you do have concerns you can also call up the rental and clarify your queries 


DO: If you had a good experience at the rental, then give credit where it’s due and express your gratitude.

DON’T: Forget to share your own rental experiences. Give a helping hand to those other potential renters!


We really hope we’ve made your Herculean task of looking up a vacation rental in Sri Lanka a tad bit easier! Happy vacationing!

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