Feast in the East: Best Seafood Restaurants in the East Coast 0 74

Feast in the East: Best Seafood Restaurants in the East Coast 0 75

Sri Lanka, being a tropical paradise, is surrounded by the glorious azure waters of the Indian Ocean and as islanders, we adore seafood (and basically any food honestly so long as it bursts with a spicy kick). So if you happen to be a seafood aficionado, the East coast in Sri Lanka is probably the best place of the country to be in. From the aromatic and homey treats of Nilaveli, to the delicacies in Arugam Bay, the East Coast of Sri Lanka makes for a wonderful greedy person’s tour.

Known for its rugged beauty, captivating culture, friendly folk, rich history and of course, incredible food, we have rounded up the top seafood restaurants in the East Coast. If you’re looking for fresh fish prepared artfully by talented chefs or just an excuse to dine out, the fanfare of unique, authentic and mouthwatering seafood delicacies can be yours to enjoy at any one of the below mentioned seafood restaurants.

Siripala Place Surf Cafe – Arugam Bay

If you’ve just hit the wild waves and enjoyed the most exhilarating surfing experience of your life and your tummy is practically begging for food to regain all that lost energy, this is the place to be in. The cafe is located close to the spot where the fish are first hauled out and loaded into carts so the seafood is surf-fresh, literally. Enjoy signature seafood dishes from the terrace of the cafe as you watch the waves lapping the shoreline.

Surf N Sun – Arugam Bay

If dining at a plush seafood restaurant is what you’re after, the Surf N Sun won’t disappoint. Relax in the verdant gardens on the spacious outdoor deck with huge throw pillows, low-slung cushions, lanterns and candles as you enjoy a gourmet selection of seafood and the occasional barbeque. The beach, good seafood food, romance in the air, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Ceylon Seafood Café – Uppuveli

There is something about the beach vibe that is undeniably rustic and this restaurant honours this ambiance. With its open-air bamboo hut located next to a beautiful lotus pond, guests will be spoilt for choice here. The restaurant displays a dizzying array of fresh fish that guests can choose for the staff to cook. While their food is amazing, their fish fillets are an absolute must-have.

Tonic’s – Trincomalee

For those looking for a refined fine dining experience, Tonic’s offers just that. Tonic’s is the beachside restaurant of the Golden Beach Cottage that is one of the many accommodation options in Trincomalee that offers affordable and comfortable rooms. The stylish seafood restaurant serves a delicious selection of fresh fish with salads and fries and in addition to their fresh-out-of-the-sea specials, the hot butter cuttlefish and calamari is a seafood delicacy that guests wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Coconut Beach Lounge – Uppuveli

Home sick already? Visit the Coconut Beach Lounge that serves Sri Lankan comfort food – home style. From rice and curry to grilled fish and jumbo prawns, visitors can enjoy delightful Sri Lankan seafood treats on a beautiful candlelit patio.

Family Restaurant – Nilaveli

This is a simple seafood restaurant that serves an array of freshly caught seafood prepared with love. The restaurant has only eight tables but makes for a great family restaurant and with its sandy floors and hospitable welcome, you will immediately feel at home.

So there you have it – the top seafood restaurants in the East Coast of Sri Lanka where the vibe is infectious, food authentic and beach absolutely fantastic. So while you’re up and about holidaying in this part of the country, make sure that you treat your taste-buds to a delightful gastronomical experience too.

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