Five Fancy Cocktails in Colombo 0 39

Five Fancy Cocktails in Colombo 0 40

Cocktails have a special place in most girls’ hearts (and guys too, not to stereotype!) and to keep up with the demands of social Colombo, some of the fancier pubs and bars in have stepped up their game by many notches and offer cocktails unique to the tropics and personality of the ever-changing social scene. Sure, they are still many old time favourites that never tend to disappoint, but these new chic places with the hip retro and modern twists and adoptions are definitely stirring up most cocktails offerings in Colombo.

As a branded network of hotels we do believe in responsible drinking and offer you a few affordable and quality accommodation options you can crash at after one too many cocktails.

Honey Beach Club at the Kingsbury is located at the poolside of the hotel and situated in the heart of Colombo. HBC has various promotions during peak hours (AKA a daily happy hour from 1730 – 1930h) and a great tropical cocktail you can find here is the Honey Tea Crush with local white rum, brewed tea, elderflower syrup and lime. Honey also allows patrons of the Club to use their pool while sipping a glorious Honey Tea Crush. How awesome is that? Our property at Yoho Rotunda Gardens is a good place to crash and hang out for the night.

Curve at Park Street Mews is a Tapas bar that has been around for sometime. The place gets pretty crowded during weekends where a live band plays oldie but goodie tunes. Curve has full range of cocktails to choose from and the Long Beach Iced Tea is a “deadly” cocktail with five spirits, lime and cranberry juice. This range has two dangerous cocktails to select from and is not for the faint hearted. If you do find yourself in too much danger our hotel at Yoho Justice Mawatha is a good place to rest for the night.

Cloud Red at Cinnamon Red is a rooftop bar with an amazing 360 degree view of the Colombo metropolis. This means that you do get to catch a beautiful sunset while seated by the pool and on a good night count the stars that shine down on you. A local cocktail “Summer Delight” is a wonderful combination Ceylon arrack, apple juice and freshly grated cinnamon, which is a refreshing delight to your taste buds. Our hotel Yoho Alfred House Garden is located in close proximity to Cloud Red.

If chasing sunsets and Instagram-worthy rooftop views is what you are after, Mövenpick Colombo, ON14 at Ozo Colombo and Sky Lounge at the Kingsbury are also worth a look.

Love Bar at Flamingo House is a small but beautifully decorated bar with a funky vibe. They have a range of signature cocktails but “Apsara’s Blush” is a special one. Inspired by King Kashyapa from the Kingdom of Sigiriya, this is a combination of whiskey, blackberry, lemon and ice. Fun fact is their happy hour is on weekdays from 1700-1900h and our property Yoho Longdon Place is located approximately 1.8 km from Love Bar.

Our final stop for the night is at 07 Degrees North at Cinnamon Lakeside. Probably one of the oldest pubs in the list and in Colombo, 07 Degrees has a stunning view of the Beira Lake and is among the best places to chill and wind down after a long day at work. If you are lucky, they would also have a live band playing the night or if you are a lady, you might also might be in time for a treat. Having been around in Colombo for as long as anyone can remember, they do most things right, including the price they charge. While they do have a newer range of exciting beverages to try out, a regular mojito is probably a good place to start after a long day at work.

Keep reading and we will soon post another quick read on some of the best affordable bars in Colombo located in close proximity to some of Yoho Bed’s finest Colombo properties.

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