Hello, Wanderlust!

March 16, 2016
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Are you the type to go through an endless stream of Instagram feeds and wonder, “how do people travel as much?” Well, we spoke about it in an earlier post but today let us look into how you can actually start travelling with minimum savings. Because for anyone wanting to activate that travel bug in them, the first step is to, travel.

You Don’t Need that Extraordinary Budget

No you don’t. While you can’t realistically start travelling from nothing (at least not in Sri Lanka) you would need some amount of money to start a journey. For example, Rs 1,000 is a good place to start for a day trip; including bus fare and a bit of food here and there and maybe an entrance ticket to a location.

If you are staying overnight at a given location, keep in mind what you would want are buying into. Do you need air conditioning? Is wifi something you would actually use? Can you rough out in a dorm? Once you realise how much you are willing to splurge (or save) you would be able to prioritise your expenses and buy an appropriate accommodation.

You Don’t Have to Go Around the World

Travelling doesn’t always mean that you have to fly half way across the world to have the time of your life. First ask yourself, how much of Sri Lanka have I already explored? Also, did you know that Casurina Beach in Jaffna is truly one of a kind in this country?

Take Baby Steps

Don’t feel guilty for taking time off work. If you are not the spontaneous type to take a weekend off completely unplanned, then ensure that you have that specific budgetary allocation happening once a month. Some of us opt for an “adventure” tab or a pretty straightforward “trips” tab.

Keep in mind that to “take time off” that you don’t always require a luxurious holiday. You don’t even need a chauffeur or self-driven car. Start with a one-day trip to Kandy on Expo-Rail or an expressway bus Galle.

Start with a day trip and then start planning your way to a lifetime of adventure and an envious Instagram feed.

Safe travels!