How Do I Save to Travel?

April 27, 2017
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How do you save for travel? We spoke about not having extravagant travel ideas in an earlier post but today we want to talk about how you can actually start saving up in order to travel. Unless you have a very large trust fund or savings to last a century, savings doesn’t come very easy to the most of us. So here are a few tips and tricks we are quite certain that might help you save up for travels.

Identify the Type of Travel You Want to Do

It’s important that you have a general idea of the sort of travel you want to do. Is it some budget travelling with camping and tents included or do you want to do some luxury travelling on a cruise or something in between the both of these? It’s important for you to identify the sort of travel that lures you as it would help you then to budget out the required amounts accordingly.


Review Your Income

How much do you make in a month? If you don’t get a fixed salary every month, this would be the average spending money you ought to look into. If you don’t already budget out your expenses, it’s probably time that you start working on it. However, if this looks like too much for you to handle, then decide on a percentage that you would set aside for your travel fund. It is however imperative that your travelling savings are separate from your regular monthly savings (which should already ideally be in place). You could even look at small scale investment options for your savings that would bring a significant amount of interest.


Make a Realistic Wishlist

We will speak of making wish lists in detail much later however, a realistic wish list would be obviously run parallel to your income, savings while staying on par with the type of travelling you want to do. Assuming you opt for luxury travel and have significantly small savings, don’t be disheartened. Ensure that this goes to the bottom of the list, making it the ultimate goal. Up until then, try to look out for smaller goals you would want to achieve and keep yourself content. While it would be all well and good and save up until the big goal, what is life without a bit of vacation?


Lookout for Deals

These include the Black Friday kinds to the cheap rates given by credit card companies or even easy payment travel plans! Scout around and look for the best numbers to help you save up for the big trip and travel more!

Good luck and safe travels!