How to Unwind: Get up, Pack, Go

November 23, 2016
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As a Sri Lankan, travelling isn’t always a priority. While this is probably changing among millennials, more often than not, travelling includes two main components: logistics and planning. To make things worse, when these two components are coupled with a never ending amount of work and a backlog we are still trying navigate through, “travelling” finds itself out of the window it had managed to creep itself through. Let’s also not go into how it becomes more inconvenient when we are thinking of travelling abroad, with a Sri Lankan passport.

First thing’s first: breathe. Your travel (unless it is regarding work and you have no choice in the matter) is supposed to be a holiday.

Second, unless you are looking at an entire annual leave worth vacation, there is no need to over-plan or over-think. If you do find yourself doing that, stop already. See because chances are:

  1. Your plans might most likely change depending on variables including mood, weather, traffic or even an unexpected purchase.
  2. Your plans are also likely to change upon discovering new sightseeing locations that was not listed on the Internet and has now managed to provoke your interest.
  3. You are going to another town or city that will have the most basic shop selling things like toothbrushes. If you are going to a location that is extra hot, chances are that they have a store that would sell SPF 15 of a random brand of sunscreen and if you are hiking, that toothbrush from earlier wouldn’t matter anyway.

Now that you’ve go the basics out of your way and unless you are super spontaneous, yes there is a bare minimum amount of planning you ought to do before heading out.

You could start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Who are you travelling with?
  • What is your budget?
  • Where do you want to go?
  • How are you planning to travel?
  • When are you planning on travelling?

The goal when it comes to answering these queries is to not over think. Be realistic and thoughtful about your responses but be sure to leave out some margin for error (because this would happen), to make room for mild outbursts of spontaneity, change in weather and just chilling out.

Look for deals and if there isn’t call up you booking agent and make one!

Let loose and live a little.

Your next vacation awaits you.