How Travelling Brings People Together

May 4, 2017
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So here is the thing about having relationships, be it with a romantic partner, family members or even friends: they need maintenance and you need to nurture and care for them. Sometimes, it might seem like too much of a time commitment while simultaneously knowing that they mean so much to you and are an important part in your life.

So today, we are here to talk about how you can combine two of your favourites in one single solution by choosing to travel with them. Here are three reasons on why travelling with those close to you might be a better idea than you think.

You Learn the Art of Compromise


Coming to an agreement about things when travelling is not always the easiest. We’ve spoken about it before when taking a look at group dynamics. However, when travelling with someone who is close to you, it is imperative that you are become more sensitive and understanding when making decisions before and during the course of the travel.

Teamwork is Dream Work

Imagine that you are going camping with a partner or a sibling. A lot of the chores, duties and planning need to be done together and beforehand. Be it trying to set up camp or grill those sausages for the night’s barbecue, travelling with your favourite people is a lot of (in)voluntary team work and mutual decision making.

Make New Friends, Find New Company

Ever found yourself walking into a party in search of a familiar face? Once you are paired with someone you know or find someone you will be able to hang out until the party ends always makes it easier to approach new people and make new friends.

Similarly with travel, unless you are an extrovert and sociable person, having someone you know with you always adds that extra boost of confidence. This also means that when you decide on travelling again, you have more friends to visit and more places to go!

It takes time and a lot of discussions and mutual understanding to set out on the adventure, but not only are you able to appreciate it better when the experiences are shared but also can ensure a stronger relationship with your travel partner.