Living the #VanLife in Sri Lanka

December 14, 2016
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We don’t know about you, but we like keeping up with trending travel trends around the world. Sometimes, they might be applicable and practical while at other times they are likely to sound downright ridiculous.

On the topic of #VanLife however, if you are still new to it, start by doing a random Google search and you will most likely be directed to an Instagram search feed. Basically, it’s how you literally, live “off” a van. While this might sound nice and rosy for those living elsewhere, in Sri Lanka, this is most likely bound to raise serious lists of concerns and questions.

While the typical #VanLife cannot be appropriated here in Sri Lanka, we do have a number of alternative options that can be looked into.


Sri Lanka has too few, but a gradually increasing number of caravans in the country.

Caravans in Sri Lanka are usually the stationary and offers an impressive degree of comfort inside.

While the downside would be that you having to actually drive or find means of transport to the actual area of the caravan park or destination where the caravans are parked, the actual experience itself would come down to residing inside a caravan. Think of it as alternative accommodation in an immobile vehicle?


The fancier of the two, motorhomes are actually mobile. The fancier part actually makes motorhomes the more expensive option.

However it offers the comforts of both a driver who doubles up as a caretaker, so that’s a real deal right there. Depending on the sort of package you opt for, you would also be provided meals and even sightseeing options.







The icing on the cake however, is with you being able to start your vacation right from the moment you step into your motorhome.

Do note that both the caravan and motorhome options in Sri Lanka come with clean washrooms, ample space and even wifi, so no, it’s not as dodgy as you would think it to be.

While living the #VanLife might not be for everyone and seems too “hippy” for your liking, it is a one of a kind experience and truth be told, the Sri Lankan options available are pretty luxurious compared to what you would usually get on a Volkswagen Kombi.

Happy travels!