Making Offline Memories

April 28, 2017
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Holidays are wonderful opportunities to relax, catch up on sleep, get a tan a and take that next profile picture. But, if it is some R&R that you are seeking, let us introduce you to the world of offline holidays. Also known as a digital detox, here are a few vacations that will essentially help you get off the grid.


Of course, the best way to get offline is to sleep. Some of us do this on weekends and delightful midweek holidays while there are the rest of us who go on vacation to indeed, sleep. To make your “sleep holiday” completely offline, make sure your phone is switched off.


Spas are wonderful. If there is anything synonymous to relaxation, it probably has to do with a spa. While some of it can be expensive, it is a worthy investment that will help you rejuvenate, restore and reset your energy levels back to where they once were.


If there is anyway that you can completely go off the grid and get lost in the wilderness, camping is where it is at. Given that most campsites are in rural, off the track locations, looking mobile and internet would not even be a concern as it wouldn’t be available!

Meditation Retreat

Probably the more extreme choice for a digital detox, meditation while sounding exciting is not for the faint hearted. You require a strong sense of determination as well as the strong need to disconnect from all that’s around.

Go that extra mile and look for places that don’t have connectivity

As extreme as a meditation retreat, looking for places with no internet or GSM connectivity means that not only will you not be able to upload that Snap as it happens, when it happens but it also means that you will also be able to spend more time with yourself and the person or people you are travelling with.

Are you up for some offline travels?