Staying Safe While on Holiday – I (Disaster Precaution)

June 9, 2017
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You are having the time of your life in Sri Lanka’s golden beaches and then, the news in your hotel room television has a news alert out requesting everyone residing in possible-disaster areas to evacuate. You might be a local taking a weekend off down south or a traveller (Ayubowan and welcome!) visiting Sri Lanka for the first time. It makes no difference because when disaster strikes, we all panic.

So here are a few notes that we came up with that would help you stay calm and see through the situation:

Evacuate your area if advised to do

The disaster may have not reached you yet but if advised please evacuate to higher ground or a common public area. If you are being asked to evacuate its most likely for your own safety. If you are carrying a lot of luggage and have less time to leave, take only what’s important. Money can buy things, but not life.

Avoid being a tourist in disaster areas

There is a lot of work going in trying to get people to safer ground and visiting these disaster stricken areas would not only be dangerous for you but also contribute towards slowing down operations.

Get involved and help

Be it walking knee deep in water and mud or helping mobilise vehicles to areas of need, every little bit helps. It’s also important to remember that every little bit will contribute towards either rescuing people or putting together relief packs for distribution or even helping out in a common kitchen.

Stay alert and keep others informed

Watch the news and keep an eye out on social media for news and information that is true. Remember that while it is important to circulate information during times of need, it is also equally important to look for relevance and timeliness of the news being passed around.

Take precaution

In the event of natural disasters, clean water maybe contaminated so be sure to have boiled or purified water and also take prescribed medication if requested to.