Things to do in Colombo this Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2017
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Yes, it’s the 14th and if your significant other is excited about Valentine’s Day and you are yet to make plans that would impress them, fear not, we still have a few hours left so as long as you start right now. Here are quick ideas from us to you that might help you save the day!

Pick up a Treat

This could be either flowers or an over-the-counter favourite of your significant other. We have to also be realistic about what Colombo has to offer so if it’s sweets, Bricklane Company Cookies are a good place to start! Of course, your significant other might also be a fan of gourmet burgers, so be sure you get something they would truly enjoy. Think of it as a treat for them this Valentine’s.

Flowers are a no-brainer for the guys. Especially if it brings us to our next point, which is dinner.


It’s a weekday so there aren’t many meals up for grabs besides dinner. There are lots of places around Colombo offering Valentine’s Day specials. These include buffets, eight-course meals or even a candle light dinners if you know where to look.

Again, if you are a gentleman, do be sure to pick your partner up with some flowers, preferably and the partner in return should have aforementioned cookies or burgers (it doesn’t matter if you would be going out for dinner, it’s the thought that counts) or something else you would’ve planned.

If today is not possible…

Don’t worry, there is a weekend! If you both have absolutely no time to do anything today, now would be a good plan to start making some plans! It could be a trip out of the city, dinner plans or one of the suggestions we spoke of last time.

Happy Valentine’s Day to those celebrating!