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Travelling While on a Budget 0 8

We all love to travel but in reality not all of us can afford to do so as frequently as we would like. We here at Yoho Bed are keen on encouraging holidaymakers and vacation-ists and have come up with a few tricks up our sleeve that’ll help you travel more, for less and hopefully more frequently too.

  • Alternative Accommodation

One of the largest costs incurred during travel is no doubt related to accommodation. Imagine if that cost can be reduced or curbed all together you will be able to see some massive savings on your travel expenditure. Here we can take into consideration two accommodation options: hostels and homes of friends and relatives.

With hostels, especially if you are travelling alone, you will not only be able to be spend less on your accommodation but also make new friends as a result of the co-sharing space.

With homes of friends and relatives, the story becomes a little more sensitive. First of all, you need to gauge your relationship with your friend or relative and also ask them if they are “okay” with you staying over. If you are travelling with friends or someone other than yourself this too would need to be addressed carefully. Second, if in the event they agree, you need to for courtesy’s sake, ask them what you can bring for them. If they do give you a list of things they want, well and good however, if they don’t, do take something along you see to be fit for their home. If you have not been to the house before, in good Sri Lankan hospitality, remember that the token would have to be a little more than appreciation!

  • Travel in Groups

We have given you a guide when it comes to travelling in groups but do you know that group travel is actually a very budget-friendly way of travel? Unless in the event of bus, train or plane tickets that would be an individual cost, road trips by use of personal vehicle will be a shared cost along with the rest of the expenses you are likely to incur during your travel including accommodation, food and other shares costs. Moreover, if you are travelling in groups and are keen on sightseeing, be sure to check in advance if group tours can be arranged as it might be relatively more affordable and useful than individual ticket purchases.

  • Travel Off-season

Choosing to travel off-season is one of the best and easiest things travellers can do to get the best rate on destinations. However, this needs to be researched a little carefully prior to choosing to travel off-season. In certain destinations, off-seasons also equivalents all activities taken off the list, all restaurants having shut down and not sighting another tourist for a very long time.

  • Use Public Transport

One of the best ways to save money while travelling on a strict budget is to opt for public transport. In Sri Lanka public transport is ridiculously affordable and if travelling in style is something you are capable of doing without then by all means, public transport is something you ought to consider. Quick word of warning however, do look into the routes to and from your place of stay at your destination if in the event of bad mobile reception.

Happy saving!

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