Travelling with Kids: Day Activities!

April 19, 2017
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Travelling with children can be difficult. We’ve spoken about how and what can be done in order to make better the situation and actually travel as a family. However, if a vacation isn’t something you are quite ready to step into as a family just as yet, here are a few things you can do as day trips or even one time activity.

Fly a Kite in Galle Face and have some Isso Wade


While there is the fair share of the umbrella couples down the stretch, Galle Face Green is also one of Colombo’s main realms for families to come together on a weekend.

If the weather is just right it is also the perfect time to fly kites! While there are kites for sale usually, creating a kite of your own as a family is also an activity that ought to bring children together and they would look forward to as well.

If kite flying is not on the cards for you or if you are looking for something to munch while catching the beautiful sunset at Galle Face Green, isso wade (a savoury fried doughnut of sorts with prawns) with some good ol’ Nanas is some street food everyone would enjoy.

Around the Galle Fort with all its Glory

Of course, not during midday because the Lankan sun is brutal when directly overhead, however a stroll down Galle Fort is not only Instagram-worthy but also a really good way to keep children entertained with the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean.

While walking along the Fort you might come across the infamous cliff divers. Yes, these young gentlemen sprint down the Fort and dive straight down to the midst of the sea. More information on the cliff divers can found over here.

Word of caution though, please be sure to hold on to little children while walking along the Fort.

Visit the Museum

Museums are always great places to take family. While it might not be best suited for little children, museums are among the places where children can opt for an alternative learning experience. Sri Lanka has quite a few museums and some of the notable ones include:

  • International Buddhist Museum in Sri Dalada Maligawa, Kandy
  • Sigiriya Museum
  • Archaeological Museum in Polonnaruwa

While there are different rates for locals and foreigners, the experience all together is quite an inexpensive and educational venture all the same.

Go to the Zoo

Most children love animals and if a safari is not something you are able to do so along with the little ones due to circumstances, the zoo is probably the next best you could opt for!

Head to the Planetarium

The Sri Lanka Planetarium is located in Colombo 07 and has two shows five days a week at 1000h and 1400h. While it is a better fit for children above the age of 10, the shows themselves are quite treat to those who have not already visited it during their school days!

Watch Birds and Fish in Kelaniya

If you are living in Colombo, there might be a fair chance of you not having been to the Water World in Kelaniya! If you have, we would love for you to tell us all about it, but for those who are not aware, the Water World in Kelaniya also has a bird park and is home to South Asia’s first underwater tunnel aquarium.

The best part about the attraction for both parents and children alike, is that the venue being open on all days including holidays and Poya days! Have a look at their website over here.

Have Some Fun Leisure World

Yes, Sri Lanka has a water park and it’s in Hanwella. However they are not limited only to water, they have rides on land, special ones for kids, activities you can all do as a family and thrill rides for those in search of a bit more adventure.

What’s great is that they have a calendar on their site that tells you as to which days they would be open and they also offer different packages based on your spending capacity. Check out for more details on their website over here.

Party in the Park!

We don’t have too many of it but Sri Lanka does have a few parks located at least in some of the major cities across the island. Some parks do have designated play areas for children however what can be done if in the event it doesn’t, pack up a few sandwiches and bring some toys and have a picnic outdoors. Sri Lanka’s sunny weather usually does not prevent most of us in being able to do so. If you are lucky, there might be an bike cycling about with ice cream trailing behind him!