Unconventional Valentine’s Day Ideas

February 9, 2017
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While chocolates and roses are probably what defines Valentine’s Day commercially, for most part, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. And love, can be celebrated any day not just the 14th of February. However, if you and your partner are keen on celebrating this Valentine’s Day and want to step away from the mainstream, here are a few ideas that are slightly unconventional and most importantly things that can be done together. While we in no way dismiss the need to buy gifts and shower favours to one another, here are a few ideas that you could try out, if you haven’t already.

Go on a trip together

This February, Sri Lanka has been blessed with ample holidays (and long holidays at that too). This makes it the perfect opportunity for the two of you to plan a road trip or even a short vacation out of the country. Time away from the city is great because it not only gets you out of familiar environments and into a different setup, but it also helps you to pause on your daily toil and rejuvenate.

Most importantly though, it gives the two of you much needed time off together by yourselves renew your bond, vows and feelings for each other. If you are not looking for a vacation entirely you could even look into the possibility of an activity such as hiking but we will come to that in a bit.

Do a task together

If you know where to look, there are a handful but carefully curated list of tasks and activities that the two of you can do together. If trying out a class or an activity is not something you can financially look into at this point in time, make arrangements to either make a meal together or spend the day volunteering your time for a cause the two of you believe in.

The idea here might not seem overtly romantic however what it does try to do in turn is to make way for the two of you to spend time together.

Step out of your comfort zone

Always wanted to go whitewater rafting but never summoned enough courage to do so? Or you both have always wanted to go camping but there was never an opportunity to do so. Here’s your chance! Do something that the both or one of you have always wanted to do.

When either or both of you step out of your comfort zone you are given the chance to work together and in turn work on your relationship that will only add more to an already solid foundation.

Create an “Open next Valentine’s” keepsake

This idea would be either a bottle of wine or a letter the two of you write to each other that should be opened on Valentine’s Day next year.

This not only adds a touch of suspense and curiosity to your relationship but also sets a tradition that the two of you are able to call your own.

What have you planned out this Valentine’s?