Vacation Planning this Season

December 2, 2016
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It’s fair to say that we spend a good deal of our year’s savings in December. It probably comes with that sense of the year being over and hence the dire need to spend all of your savings on something huge as Christmas and for those who don’t celebrate Christmas, school holidays or for those who have neither Christmas nor kids, the great deals that cannot be resisted. Also, let’s not forget about the Christmas parties.

How does one save in December?

The ideal answer is to of course plan ahead. But not too ahead of time because some of the best deals and prices come in last minute. Moreover, when looking at planning ahead on your Christmas shopping, it might so happen that the recipients have a fair chance of buying it for themselves ahead of Christmas.

But if planning ahead doesn’t work for you because you either simply forget or just don’t prioritise it as much given the availability of time (you think you would have), there is the option of saving up ahead. Setting aside a little bit extra every month starting June might start to be a good place to start. If you have an automatic transaction that takes place to your account, chances are that you will most likely save some amount of money in time to travel during the holidays. Or there is the extreme version where you save up on a month’s pay by cutting back on all major expenses but realistically, this might not work out and even if it did, you might probably end up being ridiculously poor.

Christmas bonuses are great but the a bonus comes in only towards the end of the month or just in the nick of time. So unless you possess mad shopping and planning skills, this might also not be the option you should rely on.

So find an option that works for you and bank on it. If it doesn’t work out this year, we always have the coming year to learn from our mistakes!

Look out for the deals

Countries like Sri Lanka too have now begun celebrating Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While the cause may not be authentic, the offers still remain the same and the deals, unbeatable. Keep in mind what you want so you will go to some place where you can take your entire family to both relax and take some time off from the year you’ve just completed.

Our local calendar for December looks great too. Not only do us Sri Lankans get us off for Christmas but are you aware and most importantly, have you made plans for the long weekend starting December 10? Not only are these all joyfully labelled “mercantile” this also sets the perfect tone to kicking off the start of the holiday season.

So pick a location, start packing and get ready to hit the road.