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Seylan Promo

Terms and Conditions

  1. The promotion is open to all Seylan Bank PLC card holders.
  2. Card members of Seylan Bank PLC will be offered 15% saving per booking per Card member on all properties (as tabulated below) for the bookings made via the dedicated promotional link during the aforementioned promotion
    Product/s included for PromotionSaving PercentageTime periodProperties included for Promotion
    All Seylan Bank PLC card holders15% 1st August 2019 – 30th September 2019All properties
  3. Card member is to settle the total bill via card issued by Seylan Bank PLC to be eligible for the offers mentioned herein.
  4. The Promotion is non-transferable, non-cumulative, cannot be exchanged for cash or other products and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount, promotions, discounted items and fixed price items. (unless specified)
  5. The Promotion is only applicable for the reservation of selected and designated merchant properties in certain destinations, made through a dedicated Promotion landing page only at following
  6. The card member has to follow the below steps in order to redeem the aforementioned savings.
    • Visit:
    • Search based on date and destination.
    • Select a Hotel
    • Key in the correct bank card number at check out
  • The Promotion discount will only be displayed on the booking form of the Promotion landing page when entered the valid Seylan Bank PLC card number.
  • The Promotion discount is applicable to accommodation room charges only (excluding local taxes, service fees, extra charges, charges on personal consumptions and any similar additional charges).
  • YOHOBED & Seylan Bank PLC reserves the right to launch selected and temporary “tactical offers” at higher discount levels from time to time during aforementioned promotional period.
  • The promotion is bound by the terms & conditions of service establishment (YOHOBED) and Seylan Bank PLC.
  • If any dispute arises regarding any of the terms and conditions contained herewith, the decision of YOHOBED & Seylan Bank PLC shall be final.
  • Seylan Bank PLC and/or YOHOBED reserves the right to withdraw, modify or change all or any of the rules, terms & conditions applicable to this promotion at any given time without prior notice.
  • Seylan Bank PLC accepts no liability for the quality of goods and services provided by the service establishments booked via dedicated promotional link since the Bank is not the supplier of such goods and services.
  • The general Card terms and conditions will continue to apply.
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